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Not a theorist, but a practician has created that system, that generates income for each participant, helps to stand up on feet and retrieve steadiness. «PRIDE» showed excellent results in the testing period. We have seen that system is working and generating income. Participating in «PRIDE», you are depositing in your guaranteed bright future. Which your predecessors have confirmed.


Was created by practician and professional.

Newest technologies of income personalization

Modern technologies develop quickly giving us new opportunities. Banking system is too heavy and contaminated with bureaucracy to adapt to the changes quickly. Our PRIDE system is different.
We have no ties to a certain location, our participants can be in Norilsk or in Alabama. We don’t have a single account, your money can stay in any payment system under your control.
We use fresh ideas, innovations of computer and finance technologies to help our participants make bigger income, and being part of the system was easy, convenient and enjoyable.


"We see and build our future"

Nikolay Chirka

I am doing a right thing.

I am a businessman and financier first of all, formerly I was a president of several banks. I have focused all my rich experience of banking in creating this new system. More fair. System that will give back more than was invested. I've created «PRIDE». You can get standard profit here - just take a part and watch your income grow. But also you can realize your ambitions - gather your own «PRIDE», help your friends and gain additional bonuses. The idea of my system is a proper and right place for everyone.