Wiping away the boundaries we give you financialopportunity to changeyour future.

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«PRIDE» is a decentralized system of members’ financing, based on mutual aid. It is fully transparent, simple and doesn’t have any investment risks.

Interchange funds with other members, help them and get passive income

income from assets turnover up to270%

In the world where there is no use setting one’s hopes on the government, we create our own system. Interchange funds with other members, help them and get passive income. Your investments are kept by members; we don’t have any «banks». Everything is as simple and transparent as it can only be. Our goal is reaching the future you deserve by our own hands.


«PRIDE» team is a group of successful people who build their future themselves.

Join the team and progresswith «PRIDE»

partnership program income – 12%

Being successful is creating one’s own «Pride». Prove your efficiency and get worthy reward for system development. Partnership program especially for you – gather like-minded companions and give them chance to get wealthy together with you. Only becoming full participants gives you the opportunity to use all bonuses and advantages this program can give.

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Even more bonuses for active participants.

No depth limitations5%

Being part of the «Pride» means changing one’s life and playing by one’s own rules. Bonus program is your guarantee of decent income level and financial stability. Minimal participation provides you with the future you deserve.

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Build your perfect future together with «PRIDE»

Maybe it’s time to stop vegetate in poverty and loneliness? Create your own «Pride», realize the potential and give help to your close people in making their dreams come true. You have a chance of changing everything right now.

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